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[sticky post] WANTS!

I figured I should make a wants list with the SSS coming up! :D

HIGH priority

Banpresto ALOLAN MAROWAK ! <333

Just interested in ALOLAN MAROWAK from here! ^_^
I'd be super stoked to have 3, so I can pose them like they show here. :'D
SO CUTE!! Super high priority!

AHHHHH! Anything from this promo! :') I love it all!

TCG! Preferably sealed booster packs please! <3 ^_^

Literally any of this, dear god it's all so adorable. :'D

BEWEAR Pokedoll. :)

ANY Mr.Mime Mini models except: YELLOW, DARK GREEN/METALLIC and SILVER
Photo credit to Kittay752

Pokemon Time Heracross/Lapras pouch! Picture borrowed from Agui_chan, please let me know if you want me to take it down! :)

Lapras Retsuden stamp (preferably blue stamp but any would be awesome!!)

Paki Paki Bayleef

I borrowed this from theradiantglyph.com,  please let me know if you want me to take down the picture! ^_^


HIGEST priority TCG (NM/M only please! <3)

ANYTHING Gengar Pokemomo except the plush passcase (I have it! :D)

Petit Gengar strap! <3

Lapras petit strap

Medium priority

Hau/Alolan Raichu Full art
(Any Alolan trainer full arts tbh. <3)


Alola Kids! (Also the others that are already released! <3)

Laspras cooler

Jpn release Gengar Pokedoll

Fuzzy Hasbro Gengar

Imakuni's Whismur, Loudred and Exploud (NM/M only please! <3)

*Unobtainable grails*
(My heart squeals) - Lapras Pokemon Time plush!

NEW permanent Sales post - please read!

***I accidentally DELETED my permanent sales post, while editing it, instead of saving it. :(
This is a new post, and a work in progress so I have some items to add and ALL comments are gone. :( Luckily I still have them in my email and you are welcome to contact me if you have questions regarding a purchase you made in the previous post. ***

Sales Permission granted on 3/24/14by byallinia.
-ALL Pkmncollectors rules apply!
-Feel free to ask for a quote without committing, but commiting takes priority over asking for a quote!
-Must pay within 24 hours - unless we've made a special agreement.
-Minimum of $4 domestic and $5 intl.
-Shipping starts at $2.54 for domestic purchases - since prices have gone down! :D UNLESS you'd like to have flats (flats only) shipped in an envelope.
-Shipping for International purchases starts $9.50 to Canada and at $13 everywhere else (I shipped a small item to Germany the other day and was VERY shocked that it cost $13 to ship! :(... ) - Sorry, but the USPS has upped their prices. :(
-This is for non-flats. Flats seem to start at $2.50.
-Prices do not include shipping and pp fees.
-I send packages out once a week, - sometimes less due to school being hectic! >_<
-I do combine shipping, and I DO offer discounts on certain bulk/multiple purchases! :) <3
-I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages once sent out! I will automatically send with first class and tracking to the US, but feel free to ask for priority and/or insurance for an additional fee.
-I do accept haggling on most items, but please do not be discouraged if I pass on an offer!

LAST UPDATE: 7/1/2016

IMG_0209 (2).JPG
Big 6 sided dice featuring all the above Pokeon - $5

Lapras mini model - $3

Nurse chansey keychain - $4

PSA graded 10 Snorlax CD promo - $20 OBO
It has a $150 sticker on the back but usually goes for about $30 online.

Big Heracross figure - $4
Pencil topper - $2.50

Mime jr bottle cap figure - $5
Mime jr keychain - $3

Old SEALED Pokemon League Kanto Gym Badges/pins - $4 each
Unavailable: Marsh Badge, Ceruleon City Badge, soul badge

Stickers: $0.75 a piece

Mimes - $0.50 each or take all for $2

BIG Kelloggs sticker sheet - $3

Pokekyun cardboard inserts - $0.50 each
Sinnoh Glittery notepad - $10

Heracross plush - SOLD
Lapras Pokedoll - SOLD
Mime jr Friends plush in LOVED box (plush is mint) - $10 OBO
Jakks Mime jr NO tags - $2
Banpresto mime MWT - $8
Mime jr throw plush Kandi necklace - $2

Banpresto Piplup TTO - $6
BOOTLEG Piplup Pokedoll - $3

Team Rocket lot - $12 OBO
Mighty beanz
mexican cereal figures (official)
James clip-figure

Lapras mini model - $5
Mime jr figure - $3
Marbles - $2 each except Slowpoke & Wingull $3

Unova Era mini "activity" book. (a 5 or so pages max) - $2

Mythical box posters $0.50 each

Cardboard Eeveelu Tretta backdrop insert - $1.50

Dome figures - $4 each
Diglett, nidoqueen, nidorino, wartortle, and one more I have to check what is (I forgot since the original post)


Mewtwo MWT - $6
Raikou - sold

Mew promo (I have duplicates) - $3
Celebi promo - $2 (or take pin & promo for $5)
Jirachi promo $2 (Or take Pin & Promo for $5

IMG_2222.JPG Generations codes: $1.75 each or take all $4.50. The Codes are a little more expensive than normal ones because of Generations and the fact that you get two packs! :)

*** Not my picture because my SD card reader went missing but it's identical in condition***
M Lucario ponchuchu - $1.50

Nostalgia~ Poliwhirl BK gold plated "card" in case - $3

MINT valentines cards.
$3 Each or take all for $9

HOLO Hoenn promos - $1.50 each or take all for $3.

20 different bases for FCS figures! - $5

(Stock Photo)
BARELY used Alpha Sapphire WITH case - $30 OBO

Scizor EX: $5
Manaphy EX: $6
Espeon EX: $7
Greninja Break - $7
Trevenent Break: $6

Mega scizor EX full art - $9.50
Scizor EX - $5.50
Generations Venusaur ex: $5
Generations Pikachu full art (x2) : $9.50
Camerupt full art: $4.50
Sceptile EX: $4.50
Gallade EX: $2.50

Above: $1 each

TRU sales!
I see people selling these for ridiculous prices on Ebay so I'm not even going to sell these for anything even close to that. It's ridiculous. >_<
Activity book: $3
extra Magikarp promo (sealed): $5
Also I'd be willing to sell the poster but it would need to be folded. :(
If you still want it: $3
NON TRU sales: Luxray/Greninja mini binder x2 x1 : $2.50 each

ALL Commons and Uncommons: $0.75 each
Buy a full set minus Charmeleon, Meowstic and Raichu - $8.75
(I have many multiples!!)

Glalie EX: $2.50
Chesnaught BREAK: $2.50

Mew Full Art: $7

Metal figures!
Elekid: $4.50
Marill: $4.50

Postcard: $2.50

Unscratched Scratch battle cards (Tomy):
Kanto starters and Gyarados: $2 each
Others: $1 each
SOLD: Kangaskhan

SLEEVES! (Many of each)
Goomy: $0.50 each
Hoopa unbound: $1 each

Assorted figures: $3 except Bellsprout and Pichu - $2
Some of these are zukan pieces like Dudrio and Electabuzz others are Tomys, Bandai and other!
OR take all for $12 - save big monies! :o

Jakks Pachirisu - $3
BFI horsea - $1 (used to be keychain)
Tomy Raichu - $2
Squirtle BFI - $1 (used to be keychain)

Random toys -
Pika - $0.50
Pichu winds up and fans you (has a scuff) - $1
Weird Volbeat (Illumise?) spinning top thing - $0.50
Rhydon Pracoro dice - $1

Char lot - $15 OBO

Bellossom dome figure $5 - Please note it has a pencil line on the back! It should be removable with nail polish remover or something like that! :)

The pencil mark^

Pika & baby Pokemon Hankerchief - $10

***Size comparison***

Older rare JAPANESE holos and ultra rares:
Top Row: Crobat prime $14, Electrode ex $10, Jirachi 10th movie promo $8, Lugia 10th movie $9
Middle row: Ninetales $7, Mismagius $4, Delcatty $5, Latias promo $7
Bottom row: Azumarill $3, Aagron $4, Politoed $3, Kingdra $4

Japanese Gallade ex - $5

Bromides: $2.50 each!
SOLD: Diancie Bromide

Sealed Rotom Sticker sheet $8.50
(PICTURE BORROWED FROM SUNYSHORE please let me know if you want it taken down Gin. <3 ^_^)

Pikazard Zukan (sealed) - $5

Gogoat food sticker - $3 Lugia waffle sticker - $2.50

Cool inflatable Mega stone bracelet (Gashapon) - $9

Pikachu Gashapon magnet - $3

Brand new kids - $3 each
GONE: Fletchinder, Helioptile, inkay, blaziken

Kyogre EX NON promo - $4 Kyogre EX promo - $3 Groudon EX promo - $3.50

Mega Gyarados charm set - $8.50

DX Slowking MWT (not my picture) - $13

Ultra rares:
Mega Tyranitar ex: SOLD
Mega Rayquaza ex: $15

Dowsing machine ace spec: $3
SEALED Blaziken ex promo: $5

X & Y stickers with backgrounds.
Megas $0.50 each, Pikachu $0.25 or take all for $3
Backgrounds FREE with purchase of any flats.
GONE: M Charizard Y

"half sealed" Spiritomb Tomy figure with base - $3

Sylveon Pokecen promos (I have about 10-15 left or so) - $4 each

Pokemon Time Eeveelu t-shirts! - 2x Espeon,  (ONE LEFT) 1x Glaceon (on hold), 1x Eevee -  $22 a piece.


Eeveelution Pokemon Time Rubber Straps!
Eevee - $8 $7
All others - sold or unavailable

NEW eeveelu Trettas!
Sylveon - $9
All others - $7 $5!
Eevee tretta "base" - $6 $4

Sold: Sylveon, Glaceon, Leafeon, Flareon

DX Chesnaught Pokedoll MWT - $28 $21!!

Gashapon Mega Evolution stones (work for mega evolution bracelet) - $5 each
-M Tyranitar x2
-M Aagron (sealed)

Gashapon Yveltal pin with insert - $4.50

Vintage CHILDRENS size Pikachu socks MWT (with Shopro sticker) - $7

Vintage Bandai notebooks (Lugia and the Johto starters are the same notebook it's just showing the pront and back)
Jigglypuff - $5 $4
Lugia  $7.50 $6 each BOTH SOLD
Lugia notebook features Lugia and pikachu on the pages, Jigglypuff features Jigglypuff and Pikachu, and also has Pikachu on the back of the notebook!

Bromide postcards - $3 each
SOLD: M Latias, Metagross, Sabeleye, Hoenn Starters, Mega Swampert,

Piano flats, size is about 1,5 TCG card. :)
Above cards - Fire pups $3.50 each or take all for $9  reserved
Ralts line - $2.50 each or take all for $6
Fletchling line $1 each or take all for $2.50

Above cards - All $1 each or take an evolution set for $2.50

Riolu line - $4 each or $10 for the entire line
Manectric line - $3.50 each
Charizards - $2.50
SOLD: normal Charizard, Manectric, mega manectric

Froakie & Fennekin lines - $2.50 each or take an evolution line for $6
Pikachu & Pichu - $0.50 each, Raichu $2.50 or take all mice for $3
SOLD: Fennekin, Pichu, Raichu

Froakie & Squirtle lines - $2.50 each or take an evolution line for $6
Pikachu & Pichu - $0.50 each, Raichu $2.50
Sold: Pichu, Raichu, all pikas below too

Fennekin line - $2.50 each
Espurr line - $3 each or take all for $7
Pikachu & Pichu - $0.50 each, Raichu $2.50
SOLD: Fennekin, Espurr line, Pichu, Raichu

SMALL gashapon stickers - megas $0.75 each
Palkia/Dialga - $0.50 each
(I have multiples!)
OR Any of these FREE with purchase (one line max,free per order)
sold, bedrill


Pikachu/Mega Metacham - $2

M Banette/ M Gyarados - $3

M Obamasnow/ M Venusaur - $2

M T-tar/ "Matching megas" - $2

"Matching megas"/M Blastoise - $1.50

M Kangaskhan/ M Alakazam - $1.50

Quiladin/ M Mewtwo X - $2.50

M Gardevoir/ M Blaziken - $3

M Mawile/ Pikachu - $2.50

no title
no title

no title
Code cards (I have many many duplicates) - $0.20 each
SOLD:  Popstar Pika, ALMOST ALL HUMANS, and some others

no title
Sealed Bandai Magmortar - $4
Rare Jakks Yanma - $14 OBO
Pikachu plush - $2

Swing charms - $2 each except Arbok $3
Sold: Rattata, Weedle

Xerneas promo box figure - $3

WORKING Tiger Blastoise Yoyo. I was thinking $15-20 for this. OBO.
It lights up, and makes a "victorious" sound if you play with it fluidly enough and make it spin fast enough. :) It's a little "wonky" from age but still does make sounds.
It goes for $50-$65 on Ebay and online toystores but that's sealed.
He's one of the more saught after ones. Meowth and Charmeleon go for almost nothing even sealed. >_<
Please do make an offer, I'm sure I'll accept if it's reasonable. <3

Hasbro Slaking and Vigoroth.
Slaking (pretty rare) - $15 OBO
Vigoroth - $2

Sceptile DX kid - $7

Ash Tomy - $4

Birdy Tomys - $2.50 each (I have 2x Moltres as well)

Wigglytuff Tomy - $3
Jigglypuff Tomy - $15

Pearly Poliwrath Poptart figures (or Tomys) - $3 each

Burgerking card holders:
Regi - $2
Pika - $1.50 each

Ninetales clear Bandai figure - $5

Metallic plastic figures:
Psyduck - $3.50
Chansey - $3.50
Pikachu - $3
Or take all for $6

All 1st gen kids above - $2 except for Moltres - $4 Nidoan male $1 (has writing on the inside of him)
SOLD: Rapidash, Nidorino, Fearow, Dudrio, Venonat

Charmeleon - $2
Normal Charizard (2004) - $3
Attack Chari - $4

Blastoise - $3
Wartortle - MANY scuffs - $0.50

Attack Bulbsaur - $3.50
Old SCUFFED Bulbasaur - $1 or FREE with purchase of other Bulba line kids! :)
Ivysaur - $2
Attack Venusaur - $4

Normal Venusaur - $3

SOLD: Normal Venusaur, scuffed

Above Johto kids:
Ho-oh attack - $4.50
Ho-oh Normal - $3.50
Lugia Attack - $3
Lugia Normal - 3.50
Typhlosion - $3
All others - $2
SOLD: Chikorita, Typhlosion, ATTACK Ho-oh

Hoenn kids -  All $2
Except Sealeo (he has a big red dot on his head) - $1
SOLD: Torchic, Treecko, Grovile, Combusken

Deoxys kids $2 each or $6 for all of them!
Possibly bootleg Deoxys figure $0.50 or free with purchase of other Deoxys kids or figures.

Gen 4 & 5 kids - $2 each except for DX Lickilicky -SOLD

Jakks figures - $3 a piece (please note these weigh a LOT so shipping will increase for them and for combining these with other things! >_<)
SOLD: Bonsly

deoxys bathsalt figures - $3.50 each
SOLD: x1

Deoxys Bandai figures - $3.50 each

Above figures - Gen 1 Tomys - $2 each
Giratina roller figure - $4.50
European Chikorita figure - $4.50
Heatran & Magmortar - $3.50 each

SOLD: Koffing, Pikachu,seel

Above figures
All $3.50 except for Fearow - $1.50 and Seel - $2

SOLD: Seel,

Arceus Tomy - $2
Regirock pencil topper - $2
Sandshrew Tomy - $1

Manaphy light up masterball keychain - $2

Mini models - $1 each
SOLD: Orange Bellsprout

Bouncy balls! - Poliwhirl - $2.50
Meowth - FREE with purchase (chunk taken out of it)

Self assemble Tomy Gyarados assembled by me (missing face-piece) - $5

Franco & sons Psyduck - $4

Ditto lot: $22
Ditto kid - $4.50
Ditto Dome figure - $7
Solid yellow/orange mini model with paint marks - $3
Clear yellow figure - $4.50
Ditto heart charm - $8
Ditto megablok - $5

Rotom lot - $30
Kids $2 each except for clear Rotom - $5 All kids sold.
Freeze Rotom Retsudan stamp - $4.50
Mow Rotom stamp (dry/sticky) - $2.50

charms - $4.50 each
Rotom megablok - $3
Rotom clipping figure (non sealed) $1.50
Rotom clipping figure (sealed) - $2.50
Rotom large dex(?) figure - $2.50


Plusle/Minun lot - $10
Tomys - $2 each
Straps - $3 each
Angry Plusle - $1.50
Bobblehead minun - $2.50

Metal figures & Stampers - $3 each
mini models - $2 each
pin & large plastic metallic figures (scuffed) - $1.50 each!

SOLD: McD pin, Metal Ekans, both stampers

Sealed Tomy Munchlax Magnet figure - $9 OBO

Think chip figures!
$4 each except for Pikachu - $2

SOLD: Raichu, marshtomp, treecko,

Blue mini models!
All above - $2 each

SOLD: Meowth, Koffing, Weezing

Yellow Mini models - $2.50 each
or take an evolution line from above for $3.50!

Orange mini models (clear and solid)
Psyduck, Ivysaur and Blastoise - $3 each
All others $2 each!

SOLD: Weezing, weedle

Assorted figures:
Chansey - $2, Pinsir - $3, Torchic - $2.50, Nidoqueen $2, Deoxys - $3, Regigigas - $2.50

Old school pencils!
$1.50 each except for Mewtwo - $2, Magikarp/Gyarados - $2.50
SOLD: Articuno,Seel, Arbok

Japanese eraser-style Bandai figures.
Nidoking and Clefable $2.25 each
Sandslash - $1 due to some blue marking on his arm

FCS figures
Winking Diglett and Venonat - $1.50 each BOTH SOLD
Pikachu "double team" - $2
Jigglypuff FCS - $3
Jigglypuff chocoball in dome figure - $3.50

Clear pencil toppers:
Legendary birds - $3.50 each
others - $1.50 each
SOLD - , Gastly

Assorted figures -
Regirock Pokedoll figure - $4
Clear, pink Marowak - $2.50

Stantler pencil topper - $3
Moltres Bandai figure - $3
Zoroark figure - $4.50

Entei Tomy - $4
Sasco poptart Entei figure - $4.50

More Tomys & Pearly Tomys!
Heracross - $3
Empoleon (normal) - $3
Empoleon (pearly) - $5
Mamoswine piloswine - $4.50

Johto Bandai keychains!
Bellossom - $5.50
Hoothoot - $5

Scuffed Houndoom- $4.50
Meowth Tomy - $3
Pidove bathsalt figure - $3

Bug Tomys!
$2.50 each or take all for $6!
SOLD: Caterpie

More bugs!
Scuffed teeth Venonat - $2
Normal Venonat - $3
Venomoth - $3
Or take an evo pair for $5!

Metal figures $2.50 each.


Skitty button (for shoe?) with stain - $4
Stufisk - Sold
Top row - $1
Haxorus middle row - $0.75
Bottom row - $0.50

bromide post cards - $2 each!
Wobbuffet/Meowth - SOLD

Stickers - $0.50 a piece or $3.75 for the left sheet and $4 for the right sheet.

Bird trio tin promo stickers (rare) - $2.50

Pokemon $0.50 a piece.
Pokeballs free with purchase of Pokemon.
SOLD: Typhlosion, Parasect, Paras, duskball, Basculins

Mega Lucario ex - $7
Japanese Lucario ex - $3
English Lucario ex - $4

Charizard ex PROMO - $4.50
Blastoise ex - $5.50

Tornadus full art - $3
Lanturn prime - $3
Rayquaza/Deoxys legend piece (top) - $9

Jumbo promos!
Palkia - $4
Charizard - $5

X and Y movie sticker - $2.50

SEALED Genesect promos - $3.50 each
RARE European Genesect blister promo - $7.50

Sealed Neo Discover promo (Entei reverse holo) - $2.50

Assorted flats:
Fennekin miso soup sticker - $3.50
Ivysaur card sticker - $1.50
Quilava Amada-like transparent sticker - $3
All others - $0.50

SOLD: Marshtomp, Blaziken

I just got the tv series Heracross sticker and Lapras stickers but I hadn't realized I had them already. -__-
$1 each
Shaymin Tretta coin - $3

Assorted Amada & Toybox stickers.
Everything $0.50 except holo Aipom/Poliwhirl - $1.50
SOLD: Lickitung

ORAS mini binder (one card per page) - $2

New lenticular cards! (For more look below!)
All $1.50
SOLD: Shelgon, Grumpig, regice, seviper

Lamin cards - $2.50 each except for Swablu - $3 and Tropius, $2.50
SOLD: Swablu

Jumbo cards
Both above - $3 each or take both for $5

Jumbo cards
All above $1.50 each or take all for $4

Jumbo cards
Tailow and Swellow $1.50 each, Combusken $2.50

Jumbo cards
All above $1.50

VS Cards!
Sylveon (x2) - $5 each, legendaries - $3 each, everyone else - $2
SOLD: Both Sylveons - Swirlix, Noivern x1 (one left), Xerneas, Yveltal, Aurorus,

Everyone here - $2 each
SOLD: Fennekin, 1x Froakie, Tyrunt, Tyantrum, Talonflame, noivern

Free with purchase! <3 ( I have several!)

How they work! :D

(The 2 different angles in each picture! <3)

Absol - $3, Mawile - $2.50, Groudon -$2, Skitty/Delcatty and Poochyena/Mightyena - $2.50
Everyone else - $1.50,
SOLD: Mightyena, Latias, ABSOL, shuppet

Everyone here - $1.50 each
SOLD: Skarmory,pinsir

May - $3, Ash - $1.50, Brock - $2

3D flips (bigger than normal flipz) and 3D pogs (some with marks):
3D Flipz - $1.50 each except Moltres - $3
3D pogs - $3 each <---- I can only find SQUIRTLE and PRIMAPE right now. :( Sorry for the inconvenience.
SOLD: Aerodactyl, Keckleon,

Top row: Vena line - $3, Absol - $2.50, Dittochu - $2
All other - $1.50

SOLD: Absol, Dittochu, Venusaur line,

All Amadas - $0.50 except for Jolteon, Eevee, Growlithe, Raichu - $1
SOLD: Jolteon, Eevee, Slowbro vs. Rhydon, Dratini, Raichu,

All $0.50
SOLD - Kangaskhan

All above - $0.50
SOLD - Arbok, Aerodactyl, pidgey, venonat

GB tiny flats.
Holos - All $0.75
The bottom row except Mew and Ninetales are plastic. Plastic ones - $0.75
Mew and Ninetales - $1 each
SOLD, Ninetails, Mew, mewtwo, 1x bulbasaur, farfetch'd

GB tiny flats non holo, non plastic, all $0.50 each
(Mightyena for size reference but also for sale if you wish. :'D)
SOLD: Zapdos, Mewtwo x1, Spearow, raichu, Rattata, Venusaur, farfetch'd


ORAS Alpha Sapphire playing cards.
Megas - $2.50
Jokers - $2
I also have all the others! They go for $1 each, let me know if you're interested! :) I'll also sell full evo sets with a discount!

SOLD: Latios/latias, Jirachi, Sharpedo, Diancie, Rayquaza, Sceptile, Altaria, Sableye, Deoxys, swampert, Blaziken, Metagross,

Here are some of the other cards! I have more too, but these are the most popular 'mons. :)
But there are more (gen 3 only)

SOLD: Ralts, Kirlia, Treecko line, Milotic, Pika line, swablu, mudkip line, Torchic line

no title

Holos 3D dex and Trozei stickers:
Metagross & Sceptile - $3
Trozei - all $2 except Lugia and Zygarde $2.50

Sold: Zygarde, Kyogre, Sceptile


Sold: Slurpuff, Swirlix, Florges, Chandelure, furfrou, eevee, Audino, Fletchling, Pumpkaboo, Froslass, Manaphy, Mudkip, Chatot

All Trozei above - $0.50

SOLD: Jirachi, Sandile, female Meowstic, Male Meowstic, Flabebe, Torchic, victini, manectric, bunnelby, Amaura, Arorus, Tyrantrum, Tyrunt, Torchic, Zoroark, Trevenant

3D Dex stickers:
Salamence, Flygon, Aggron - $2

All others - $0.50

SOLD: Zigzagoon, Linoone, Zangoose, Sharpedo, Flygon, Dusclops, Feebas, salamence, Anorith, torchic,

Below stickers: I sell them not by sheet (2 per sheet) but by piece, because I know there are a lot of people who just want one. :)
So here are the price breakdowns:
All $0.50 except for holos, $1


SOLD: 1x Zapdos (1 left), 1x Lugia (1 left) Dragonite, Pidgeot, BOTH Flygon, Mantine/Electabuzz, Registeel/Aipom, Treecko/Chinchou, 2x Poliwrath/Shelgon, Walrein, Trapinch, linoon, Staryu, Mightyena, aerodactyl, duskull, linoone, Poliwrath/Shelgon


SOLD: 2x Mewtwo/Zangoose, Omastar, Surskit/Weezing, Mudkip

Mew, Ralts, Grumpig, Bellossom, Sentret, Arbok, Quilava, Feraligatr, Persian, banette, Swmpert, metagross, groudon,
Sold: Clefable, Roselia, Unown,


SOLD: Cleafairy, Plusle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Absol, Gadevoir/Farfetch'd, Totodile/Bagon, (I think I still have one of each left, so ask if you're interested! ^_^), Nidoran, Torkoal,Porygon, Totodile, Toros, shuppet, Mudkip
, bedrill, farfetch'd

BIG Helioptile sticker - $3


Aggron full art - $9
Aggron ex - $4

Manectric ex -
Mega Manectric

Japanese - Diancie / Mega Diancie box Exs - $5 each

Japanese Mega Metagross & Metagross box Exs - $5 each


Groudon ex - $5
Sharpedo ex - $3

Steel Dialga deck promo - $4
Seismitoad ex - $3
Magnezone ex - $2


Mega Kangaskhan ex - $7
All EX Battle Boost exs - $5 each
Sold: Keldeo, Reshiram

Lugia ex plasma storm - $4
Victini ex - $4
Rayquaza ex dragons exalted - $7
Black Kyurem ex promo - $5
Dialga ex - 5


Lootcrate exclusive Batman Joker Pop figure - $15 OBO

Sailor Moon Star locket pill/trinket box I make in my Etsy store! :)
This one will be without Etsy fees so it'll be $11.50. Normally these are made to order but I have some made.


Here's the original post of this: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/16888062.html

Single color minimodels:

The orange one has a removable face (aka 2 pieces).
Each $3, or take both for $5

Rare Kanto Amada and Other (?) stickers:
Row 1: $0.50 Row 2 - $1 each
Row 3: $2 each

Johto & rare other (?) stickers:
Top row: Quilfish & Stantler $2. Noctowl, Misdreavus, Skiploom/Wobbuffet $2
Bottom row: $3 each

Psychic Sealdass sticker card $6 - x2
Electabuzz sealdass sticker card $1 - x2
Kangaskhan sealdass sticker card $1 -x2 x1

SOLD: 1x Kangaskhan

RARE Johto Tomy Keychains:

(Celebi $10)

Giant Custom Grail Get! :3

Hello fellow comm members!
Today I have something I literally feared never would arrive but against all odds (those odds are Richmond CA's horrible post office - no really, they have 1,5 stars on Yelp o_o) arrived at my door after 2 weeks of being stuck in limbo land, the other day making it basically one of the best days in recent history! :D

Here's a little sneak peak, WHO'S THAT POKEMON?
(I think you guys can guess who it is if you know who my favorite 'mon is! :'D)


Can you guess it yet?
Does this horrible who's-that-Pokemon-ms-paint-job help? :'D


Here he is guys!
My VERY first custom Mr.Mime plush!
I've had some amigurumi and a little mini felt guy made but THIS is my first minky plush! This is why I said grail because I've wanted a cuddly minky Mr.Mime since forever! (He's almost ENTIRELY made of minky) cuddly and not to mention HE'S 30 INCHES TALL!
The lovely AMAZING seller: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CosmicCritterCrafts said he'd be about 17 inches so when he popped out of the box, I was UTTERLY surprised! :'D
It's been a task trying to find a place to put him. xD I mea he's almost 1:1!
The craziest part? His price. This would normally cost at LEAST $200 or so but let's just say he was 1/5 the price SHIPPED! @__@

Anyways I better actually show this "little" guy off!

CRAZY EYES OF HAPPINESS. (No really those are just crazy eyes, what the heck? xD)

Ok, I'm 5'4" and look at how huge he is!! :'D


Here he is with his only official plush counterpart & Mime jr Pokedoll!
If the above picture wasn't size reference enough! :D


Here's the picture Cosmic Critter Crafts provided. As you can see, size reference was a bit confusing. I mean he could be Godzilla or on top of a very tiny house. Haha. But honestly I'm STOKED he's so huge!!


*Squeal* What can I say? I just love him! He truly exceeded my expectations! :')
If you guys are looking for insanely low prices AND amazing quality - not to mention shortest turnaround ever, then you have to check out Cosmic Critter Crafts!
I could not be happier, this guy is the final piece for me to do an overdue 1 year collection post! :3
(Now I just have to find to time to set everything up! :'D)

I'll have a video with him up in a week or so which I'll post so you guys can see how he moves if you wish! ^__^

Thanks for watching/reading/looking! <3
Hey everyone! It's been a little while since my last post, but I am thrilled to say it's my birthday, and it has already been a SUPER one. :D
not ONLY did I get a giant package from pikachux with 12 blister packs, and AMAZING extra b-day goodies, including a mime jr and friends notebook from the Pokemon Center, AND a Blastoise ex, but I also got a lovely b-day card from classypersian . :D I really am so grateful, you guys are aweosme. ^_^ My day is already sooo special.

I also have a little Lapras story starring some gets from midnitekitten17 . Not b-day gifts, but a long time comin'. ;P

Hope you guys are doing well, and enjoy seein mah burfday gets. :D

Lil' sneak peak. :D



Under this cut is the lovely mini-grail I've been looking for for quite some time. :D

-Sneak Peak-

A Lapras Family Story...Collapse )
Hope you guys enjoyed. :D
I am already having a great day, so thanks a TON.

Custom Jewelry sales! ^_^

https://www.etsy.com/listing/163657502/pokemon-necklaces-cyndaquil-trading-card?ref=shop_home_active_1&ga_search_query=cyndaquilHey comm! I hope you guys are having a lovely weekend! The sun is shining here, as I sit indoors with a sprained ankle! :'D
The irony.
Anyhoo, I gave my SSS a custom Bulbasaur necklace from my Etsy store, and there seemed to be a bit of interest. Therefore I figured why not share my jewelry with the comm? ^_^ There are always so many AMAZING customs here, it's unreal! I would be glad to do a trade as well if you make custom plush, or other art. Partial trades are also welcome!
This way I can lower prices (also due to the fact that I won't need to add Etsy fees), and give the comm an opportunity to get some customs that can be worn. <3  Also, I do custom orders. I've done literally more of less the entire Pokedex, so if you don't see a Pokemon you love, it can be made! :D I made jewelry from upcycled kids and other figures, trading cards, Pokedex pictures, anime episode clips and more!

Link to my Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GlitzCouture?ref=listing-shop-header-item-count You'll find I also have a lot of non-pokemon items. Please feel free to combine with any of my sales items here!

An older promotional vid I did. ^_^

More info under the cut!
Snip snip here for more!Collapse )


Spring Swap! - Acidmimi

Weeee! I got my Secret Spring Swap (say that 10 times fast!) my Spring Swap turned out to be the lovely acidmimi and may I say, this is by far the most amazing spring swap I couldv'e gotten. :'3
SO much creativity, and mass quantities of cuteness. :D

A wild package appeared! (Even the bubble mailer's adorable -ermahgerd)
Mimey and Marceline the mime jr helped open the package. <3


Mimey Get + Cool Old Find!

So I couldn't believe I found this guy for such a good price. I honestly had been lovin' on him from afar for quite some time, and never expected to get him, let alone in pretty amazing condition. :')
See many lovin' pics in the cut!

Hyper Beam Dat Cut!Collapse )

Also, here's something fun I found! At first I thought "oh weird Pokemon Tupperware" and then after getting home and checking around on Ebay, I saw one go for up to $39.99! o_o
Unfortunately mine doesn't have the original Bulbasaur lid plug-thingy and it does have some scratches on the image. But I thought it was a fun and strange  collaboration  and interesting part of Poke-history! :D

Side note I still have a lot of items for sale, and will be adding more within the next few days! ^_^
Click le pic!

Grail get!

Hey comm! This was just the best thing ever to come home to, a grail I've wanted to oooh so long, and then finally got with help from the wonderful colocho_robotto !
I also have a mini update with another plush friend in the group! <3

Heras and Crossys a plenty! :')
The newest member is the Banpresto chibi, in the middle, I have yet to find a name. My first Heracross (American bendy - RIGHT) is Hera (creative, I know, lol) but I don't know what the Japanese PakiPaki one should be named, or the newbie! >.<


Here's another pic of him with his pretty tag! :D


The Japanese one is a newbie too, I was lucky enough to win on Ebay recently for 40$, and Hera I got for 26$! I feel like those were both steals for these guys! :')
colocho_robotto gave me SUCH a good deal on the newbie, who is absolutely MWT! <3

By the way, for those who don't know the different between the American and Japanese Heracross twins (I didn't know until recently), here are the differences! :D

First off, I feel like the "fur" is a bit darker, and feels "denser" on the Japanese version. It could just be the level of "loved" the American one is, not sure. :'D

But the clear differences are the wings!

Japanese: Brown "under-wing" with thin iridescent pieces of fabric for the "Second layer of wings". He also has a strip of Velcro on his tush.
American: Iridescent fabric sewed onto wings, no "second layer of wings" on this guy, nor Velcro.

Also the tush tags are different, obviously.


One last family photo shot! The twins welcome their little brother! <3
Say cheese!
I couldn't be happier. <3 :')



So I recently purchased this amazing Sylveon plush for an insanely good price from the lovely entirelycliched, I just COULDN'T love her more! :')
Also I was searching SMJ and found an deliciously fabulous Meiji card. (SO SHINY <3)
It also has the most ADORABLE backside. (Backside? Lol)

Lastly I made a shiny Sylveon necklace which I am quite proud of personally. It's just so extremely Fairy Kei, and what better for a FAIRY type? Haha. ^__^

I also have the Sylveon figure from the Sylveon box in the background, which is just a little common guy, but done SO well!

Here's the "group photo" - Details at the bottom! :D


Sylvee adorned with her shiny counterpart! ;D


Super shiny Sylveon! Look at her all smug. :3


(A little blurry!) Aww look at her run. :')

Different SALES post! ^_^


                                                                                             H A V E S

Plush - Right now the only plush I have for trade are this Toy Factory Pikachu prize - tush tag only, and an American version of the fuzzy Tomy Squirtle (2001) and Yanma Jakks (which is only up for trade for one of my main wants, as it actually was a gift from a friend, but I don't collect Yanma! >_<)

$4 OBO


$9 OBO

Yanma (NOT my picture, I have to find my own
little buddy and then I'll add a picture as soon as he shows up, otherwise it's in one of my videos on YT)
Mine is in the same condition, w/ tush tag! :)


Figures - I have quite a few kids in various conditions, Bandai and Banpresto mini figs and a few Tomy and Nintendo figures!

Treecko evo line kids (including 1x normal Treecko & 1x clear Treecko) and DX Sceptile!
NOTE: Grovile has a few little marks.
Normal Treecko: $3
Clear Treecko: $7 OBO
Grovile: $2
DX Sceptile: Excepting offers from $20

Plusle & Minun:
NOTE: They both have teeny holes in their heads from having made them into charms, and regretting it, lol. Also Plusle's nose has rubbed off a bit.

Glow in the dark/clear Plusle: $7
Minun: $3

Deoxys attack kids (I believe this is a near complete set, missing only 1 - I think !)
$3 ea. OR take all for $11.

Lucario, Regirock, Palkia, Jirachi & Celebi
NOTE: Celebi is pretty dirty, but can likely be cleaned with some sudsy water. Jirachi has marker marks.
Lucario: $5
Regirock: $3
Palkia: $4
Jirachi: $2
Celebi: $1

Combusken, Torchic and Piplup
NOTE: As the picture says Piplup can be a freebie with a figure (or plush) trade OR PURCHASE!

Combusken: $3
Torchic: $3


Falling Pikachu, Seel, Koffing
NOTE: Pikachu's nose has rubbed off mostly.
I'd like to trade these for OTHER Tomy figures, in my wants, if possible! :)

Pikachu: $1.50
Seel: $2
Koffing: $8.50

Assorted Bandai(B) and Banpresto(BP) mini figures!
(also some possible impressive bootlegs)
Ryhorn $1, Rhydon $1, Kangaskan1 $2, Kangaskhan2 $2, Primeape $2, Nidoking $1
Pidgeotto $2, Golem $0.50, Machop $1, Dugtrio $1.50, Krabby $2, Tauros1 $2
Rapidash $3, Golduck $2.50, Doduo $1.50, Cloyster $2, Tauros2 $2.50



Vigoroth & Slaking moving Hasbro figures
Both are in near perfect condition!
From what I understand this pair is extremely HTF. I'd like to be able to trade these for either version of  Hasbro Heracross.
Otherwise a really nice offer from my wants list.
Not sure what to price them at, buuuuut..
Offers for Vigoroth start at: $5
Offers for Slaking start at: $15



Iridescent Nidorino $1.50, Blue Hitmonlee $0.50, Peach Lickitongue $1


Flats - a TON (literally thousands) of varied TCG from base set, to Legendary Treasures (even X and Y, in Japanese) and a good variety of both English and Japanese cards! Just ask! ;3

Here is a coveted card I knew the members here would enjoy! The rare European Plasma Storm Ninetales promo! <3
Also pictured is the lovely, rare VS Morty's Ninetales!
I am ONLY trading/selling one of each, I just wanted to show that I had duplicates.
Morty's: $4
Euro Ninetales $10.50

Ultra rares -

Megalo Cannon Secret rare SHINY rare candy
The shiny rare candy is an extremely valuable card, and I pulled it myself, so only equally amazing offers on that one!
GEM mint.

Offers start at $27

Another shiny, just a little shiny Chandelure from Next Destinies I beleive. :)
Mint condition.

Also from Megalo Cannon:

Palkia ex, Dialga ex, Virizion ex.
ALL mint.

Ex Battle Boost EXs:

Keldeo ex, Excadrill ex, Reshiram ex, Zekrom ex and Dakrai ex.
ALL mint.



Shiny collection (not AS common as Radiant Collection the english version! :))

Reshiram FA, Emolga FA, Meloetta FA
ALL mint.


Assorted ENGLISH ultra rares:

White Kyurem ex (promo), Black Kyurem ex, Keldeo ex (promo)
Darkrai Lv. X (promo), Drapion Lv. X, Infernape Lv. X (promo)
Ho-oh Legend piece, Arceus Lv. X (promo)

All mint EXCEPT: Darkrai Lv. X (NM) and Infernape Lv. X (EX)


I've got a lot of promos, and mini sets (like vending series, shiny collection and more), including this SEALED 11th movie set (all holos).
I also have a lot of Japanese Amada stickers, and American sticker sheets, again, just ask and I'd gladly take pictures! ^_^

Here is the SEALED 11th Movie Set (all holos).
I'd like to trade it for something else sealed if possible! ^__^
If not we can discuss something else, but I'd like to trade for a set or some cards of my high wants!

2008, 11th movie card collection!
I have more zoom-ins upon request! ^_^


Tazos / pogs
I have details of these as well, so just ask if you want more detailed pics!
All 3D except the top row of freebies.
Top Row: Butterfree, Victreebel, Vulpix (all damaged)

Hitmonlee, Tauros, Ryhorn, Nidorina
Dugtrio, Goldreen, Rapidash, Farfetch'd
Tangela, Tentacruel, aeoradactyl, Squirtle
Kabuto, Magmar, Shelder
Most have marks, but they can be washed. ^__^


3D example:


Lenticular 3D Advance cards

Horsea evo line, Jigglypuff line, Skitty/Delcatty, Lotad line
Abra line, Groudon, Shuppet line, Gardevoir line
Swablu line, Anorith line, Spheal line, Snover line



More 3Ds

Zubat line, Doduo line, Torchic line, Nato/Xatu
Pinsir, Skarmory, Psyduck/Golduck, Beldum line
Staryu/Starmie, Voltorb/Electrode, Machop line, Grimer/Muk

SOLD: Torchic line

Artbox 3D action Flipz. I actually have a few full sets 1 of the top smaller 1st gen ones, so if you want to trade for a full set, let me know!
The last two rows are some random gen 3 Advance flipz.

Caterpie line, Voltorb/Electrode, Drowzee/Hypno, Grimer/Muk
Raltz line, Barboach/Whiscash, Beldum line, Lunatone, Keckleon


I also have a gazillion topps cards including multiple versions of fan faves like Ninetales (multiple holo versions as well!) I opened a booster box of series 2 as well, so I have a near complete set for trade. :3

                                                                                           W A N T S
                              (I'll have a more specific wants list later, but just contact me if you have anything with these babies! :3)
Major wants:

-Mr.Mime and Mime jr
-Gengar line
-Bayleef (HUGE want)
Jesse/James/Team Rocket
Gym leader Sabrina (BIG want!)
Professor Sycamore (BIG want!)

Minor wants:

-Legendary birds (minus Lugia and Ho-oh)

KALOS wants:

- Goodra